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Learn About Important Figures on the Titanic


Captain E.J.Smith

Age 62

Captain of the Titanic.
This sailing was thought to be his final before retirement.
Went down with the ship when it sank.


Thomas Andrews

Age 39

Ship designer for Harland & Wolff.

Travelled on Titanic, and was responsible for informing the captain of the damage. 

Went down with the ship.


J.Bruce Ismay

Age 50

Chairman of White Star Line
Travelled on Titanic and was saved in collapsable lifeboat C


Margaret Brown

Age 45

Known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown.
Famous for taking over control of the lifeboat and heading back to look for survivors.


Lord Pirrie

Age 65

Owner of Harland & Wolff shipyard.

Was due to travel on Titanic, but handed it over to his nephew Thomas Andrews due to sickness.


2nd Officer Lightoller

Age 38

2nd officer on Titanic, survived on upturned lifeboat collapsable B after being washed off the deck.

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Titanic sends first CQD with Position

Charles Lightoller Describes how he Survived the Sinking.

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Sounds of the Sinking
For best listening experiance, we suggest you close your eyes for each clip.
Note-Actual sounds of the sinking do not exist, these are what we believe it may have sounded like on that fateful night.