Titanic wreck overview -
2003 unreleased footage

Produced by Matthew Smathers, we take a look at the wreck of Titanic using unseen footage kindly provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and its crew, taken in 2003.


Titanic survivor: Violet Jessop 'In Her Own Words'

In this rare recording made available exclusively for Titanic Connections, we'll hear Violet in her own words as she describes her experiences to the noted maritime author and historian John Maxtone Graham for his book 'The Only Way to Cross'.



Lockdown Lusitania

Sunday 31 August saw the last dive of this year's expedition to Lusitania by Project 17. We had been on site for a total of 15 days and carried out a total of seven dives, with bottom times between 30 and 65 minutes, resulting in run times of between three and five hours. This was our fourth year that Project 17 have been on-site and it was the first time where we turned up and went diving the next day.


HMHS Britannic – a sister
in review

This 'documentary' was largely produced by our group admins: Matthew Smathers, Jake Billingham, Anka Schlayer, and Ryan Wade.