In 2010 the largest and most comprehensive expedition to Titanic was conducted. A collaborative expedition was conducted with the offices of National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and RMS Titanic Inc to survey the entire wreck of Titanic for the first time ever using the very latest in undersea mapping and imaging technology.  For the first time since she was first filmed in 1985 scientists and historians could see every single piece of wreckage as it lay on the ocean floor.  The Titanic's bow and stern as well as the entirety of the debris field were filmed in full high-definition video and documented from every conceivable angle. A brand new photomosaic was completed, as well as a complete profile mosaic of Titanic's bow and stern which was stitched together from thousands of individual video stills captured by rov.  A more complete image of the wreck and the details of its breakup were revealed int he documentary special "Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved".