The 2005 trip was comprised of several elements all coming together...  RMS TITANIC INC. returned for the second time under the new management, with principle leadership falling to G. Michael Harris, son of Jack Grimm expedition historian Michael Harris, as well as Dik Barton who oversaw operations to recover artefacts from the ship. The Russian research vessel 'Keldysh' and Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich would again play headquarters to a major combined Titanic search, recovery, and exploration expedition.  Onboard were several other individuals with a vested interest in exploring and studying the wreck...  Director James Cameron had returned to Titanic armed with his new 'X-bots' which were even smaller than Jake & Elewood and could go deeper in the wreck than ever before. Joining Cameron were Titanic historians & consultants Parks Stephenson, Ken Marschall, and Don Lynch.  Subsequent exploration succeeded in documenting over 60% of the bows interior. The deepest exploration being the ships Turkish Baths which were discovered to be in remarkable condition. Alongside Cameron was explorer Mike McKimm whose Titanic journey to explore the wreck and lay a plaque on the site was chronicled for the BBC for the television special "A Journey To Remember".  

"Shadow Divers" Richie Kohler and John Chatterton teamed up with Titanic veteran historian & diver Ralph White to explore Titanic’s debris field for more evidence of the breakup, and ultimately discovered a SECOND previously unseen part of Titanic's double bottom.  The one half of double bottom was spotted by P.H. Nargeolet and RMSTI back in the 90's but this one was brand new. For the first time ever it was discovered that Titanic's double bottom had indeed held on as the ship broke in half, and the discovery would provide for a complete re-working on the manner in which the ship broke up which was featured in the History Channel documentary "Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces"