Below you will find our entire team within Titanic Connections

Ryan Wade,
president and founder

Being from Belfast, it's hard to not grow up surrounded by the legend of Titanic and Harland & Wolff. Born in 1994, I grew up in a world that would be Titanic-mad following the release of the 1997 film. So I took an intimate and deep interest in this beautiful ship that was built just down the road from me. This fascination only grew with the release of the Leo Marriott book titled 'Titanic' (1997) that also featured the beautiful art of Simon Fisher, on top of 'Titanic: Answers from the Abyss' documentary from 1999. 

Nick Dewitt,
chief of staff/maritime historian 

I came to Titanic at the age of eight in 1994 when a commercial for 'Titanic: Death of a Dream' and 'The Legend Lives On' aired. My parents taped it on VHS while we were gone and I watched it the next day. From that point on, I was hooked! I have spent the past 25 years both learning about Titanic and bringing her story to others. 

Anka Schlayer,
Titanic researcher

My addiction to Titanic started on my sixth birthday in May 1997 when I got the book 'Disaster!' by Richard Bonson. I was immediately hooked by a picture in it showing the rising stern of Titanic. As I grew older, I started to research the story of the great liner and never lost my fascination and love for Titanic.

Matthew Smathers,
wreck analyst

I had the great fortune of growing up in 'Titanic-Mania' back in 1997-2001. I saw the James Cameron film 'TITANIC' and I was hooked on learning more. My desire to learn about Titanic was instrumental in getting me through school and overcome many learning hurdles I had at the time. Now, as a part-time shipwreck hunter I enjoy analysing and breaking down the wreck of Titanic for others to enjoy.

Paul Begg,
videographer/ webmaster

Titanic has always been a source of fascination with me since the first time I watched James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster. The tale of Titanic lured me in and I've been hooked ever since. Titanic is actually what got me into writing, which eventually resulted in my interest in graphic design. I've been a graphic designer for 15 years and a Titaniac for a lot longer than that!

Elena Chiappetta,

I first learned about Titanic when I was only six years old and have loved her since! She grabbed hold of my heart, drew me in and never let go. For over 30 years, I've been learning everything I can about her. She was and still is such a beautiful ship. Her story is such an incredible mixture of love, life and loss all in one – a powerful reminder that nothing man-made can last forever.

Matthew Robert Smathers
Amber Rae Fricke,

I am a videographer for more than 10 years, and a fan of Titanic and Harland & Wolff for much longer. I love Titanic and the Olympic-class liners as they are, as far as I'm concerned, the best looking ships ever built and can't be matched by any other even by today's standards. 

Ivan Barretta,
videographer/film editor

I am a London-based film editor specialising in documentaries. With over 10 years experience working with the likes of Netflix and the BBC, I'm very passionate about storytelling. I have a true fascination for maritime history, in particular the Titanic. I have conducted years of research while living in Nova Scotia and eventually moving to the UK. My current hobby is filming different wrecks around the world, while my goal is to eventually document the Titanic at its resting place.